Can I use my Garden Building all year round?

Yes! we want you to make full use of your garden building. We provide multiple options for heating and cooling your space which will allow you to utilise it 365 days a year.

We use the same materials that you would use in a domestic house extension with regards to building regulations compliance. Our premium quality materials create a warm, cosy and dry atmosphere within our garden rooms.

We have two options when it comes to heating our amazing spaces. These are:

  1. Oil Filled Radiators which come with the following benefits –
    1. Developed with our key principles in mind, aimed at reducing energy consumption, offering lower running costs for the consumer, and minimising environmental impact.
    2. Energy Efficiency – The radiators have a host of energy efficient features that reduces energy consumption for the user and provides environmental savings.
    3. Environmental Impact – The manufacturers range of heaters are built with the smallest of carbon footprints and the manufacturing minimises environmental impact.
    4. Ease of Use – We want to ensure our products are the easiest to use and operate.
    5. Style – The Range of products have been designed for today and the future, all products are modern, chic and effortlessly fit into any style room.
  1. Air conditioning units come with the following benefits –
    1. Wall mounted with no outdoor unit, only two air vents are visible from outside
    2. Heating, cooling, dehumidifying and fan function
    3. Built-in Wifi
    4. Great for conservation areas, high rise buildings or where outdoor install space is difficult to access
    5. Quiet and efficient, space saving, slimmer than a split air con indoor unit
    6. Modern look, complimenting any design
    7. Sleek and compact design Just 20cm thickness
    8. 10,000 BTU (2.93 kW) cooling capacity, suitable for rooms up to 30 sqm

Both of the above options have the ability to be controlled by your phone so you can set the temperature of your garden room before heading in.

If you have any further questions regarding the above do please contact us using one of the following methods…

Call: 01403586068