The Optimum CURVE

The Optimum Curve is our most popular design with a unique frontage and 500mm overhang and deck. This additional protrusion allows for a sheltered feel while inside and the garden building is made up of one room as standard allowing for maximum space for your intended use.

There is a choice of anthracite grey, black or white facia to match your door colour choice. The elegant sweep of the curve creates a smooth transition back to the ground. The garden building has been designed with excellence in mind.

The Optimum Curve uses

The Curve is most commonly used as:

  • Garden Office
  • Garden Gym
  • Garden Studio
  • Pool House
  • Garden Games Room
  • Garden Summer House

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WidthDepth 2.5m 3m 3.5m 4m 4.5m 5m 5.5m 6m 6.5m 7m 7.5m 8m 8.5m 9m
2.5m £16,900 £19,250 £19,690 £20,240 £21,230 £22,000 £22,770 £23,260 £23,970 £24,530 £25,570 £25,970 £26,840 £27,350
3m £19,250 £19,400 £20,180 £20,680 £21,700 £22,750 £23,550 £24,500 £25,300 £26,000 £26,850 £27,600 £28,600 £29,400
3.5m £19,690 £20,180 £20,900 £22,000 £23,000 £24,000 £25,000 £26,000 £27,100 £27,850 £29,150 £30,650 £31,450
4m £20,240 £20,680 £22,000 £22,950 £24,500 £25,650 £26,600 £27,600 £28,850 £29,900 £31,500
4.5m £21,230 £21,700 £23,000 £24,500 £25,850 £27,100 £28,100 £29,650 £31,150

* The dimensions are external and include VAT.

Selected size
W5m x D4.5m
25,495 Including VAT
The Base
• 150mm thick concrete base with A142 reinforcement mesh.
• Our floors are fully insulated with 70mm Rigid Board Insulation.
• Chipboard flooring is laid on top of the insulation ready to receive your floor finish of choice. Timber ‘click together’ as standard.
The Walls
• Internally our walls are finished with either grooved smooth MDF boards, painted or white melamine.
• We use Multifoil hybrid insulation fitted inside the stud wall.
The Roof
Unlike the industrial roofing systems supplied by most of our competitors each roof is bespoke to your building and formed of the following:
• A grey flexible Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) roof covering that’s manufactured in the UK which is laid on top of 18mm boards and Multifoil hybrid insulation between joists.
• A curved facia board is used to form a unique shape and aspect to the front of your building.
• Internally the ceiling is finished with either melamine board or MDF decorated white.
Windows and Doors
• The Curve comes with one set of sliding or bi-folding doors at 2.4m wide in either grey, black or white.
• With the windows you have a choice of one the following in grey, black or white:
• 500mm wide x 1000mm high side hung or 1000mm wide x 500mm high top hung.
Electrical Installation
• Our standard electrical package includes:
• 1No. LED surface mounted panel light and switch.
• Two external lights and switch
• Two internal double sockets
• 1No. 1KW thermostatically controlled oil filled radiator.
All of our buildings come with the following as standard:
• Timber ‘click together’ flooring.
• White melamine or MDF board painted walls and ceiling.
• White 100mm pencil round skirting
• Our electrical package (including heating)
• Either proprietary made aluminium sliding or bi-folding doors and one uPVC window as standard.

A list of possible upgrades are available here.
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