Can I use my Garden Building all year round?

Yes! we want you to make full use of your garden building. We provide multiple options for heating and cooling your space which will allow you to utilise it 365 days a year.

We use the same materials that you would use in a domestic house extension with regards to building regulations compliance. Our premium quality materials create a warm, cosy and dry atmosphere within our garden rooms.

We have two options when it comes to heating our amazing spaces. These are:

  1. Oil Filled Radiators which come with the following benefits –
    1. Developed with our key principles in mind, aimed at reducing energy consumption, offering lower running costs for the consumer, and minimising environmental impact.
    2. Energy Efficiency – The radiators have a host of energy efficient features that reduces energy consumption for the user and provides environmental savings.
    3. Environmental Impact – The manufacturers range of heaters are built with the smallest of carbon footprints and the manufacturing minimises environmental impact.
    4. Ease of Use – We want to ensure our products are the easiest to use and operate.
    5. Style – The Range of products have been designed for today and the future, all products are modern, chic and effortlessly fit into any style room.
  1. Air conditioning units come with the following benefits –
    1. Wall mounted with no outdoor unit, only two air vents are visible from outside
    2. Heating, cooling, dehumidifying and fan function
    3. Built-in Wifi
    4. Great for conservation areas, high rise buildings or where outdoor install space is difficult to access
    5. Quiet and efficient, space saving, slimmer than a split air con indoor unit
    6. Modern look, complimenting any design
    7. Sleek and compact design Just 20cm thickness
    8. 10,000 BTU (2.93 kW) cooling capacity, suitable for rooms up to 30 sqm

Both of the above options have the ability to be controlled by your phone so you can set the temperature of your garden room before heading in.

If you have any further questions regarding the above do please contact us using one of the following methods…

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How do we insulate your garden office?

Insulated Garden Offices

Having one of our Optimum insulated garden offices in your garden is a good investment when it comes to adding value to your home. Many people only use their gardens seasonally and they become dormant in the winter months. Our garden offices will provide invaluable useable space all year round. They remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer which is largely down to our innovative insulation.


What types of insulation do we use?

Our hybris insulation is used in the walls and ceiling. It is a reflective insulation product based on a honeycomb structure made of shaped polyethylene foams glued to an aluminium coated foil. Its high thermal performance is provided by the multiple emissive cavities. For the same reason, our Hybris also performs incredibly when it comes to sound reduction. You can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be affected by outside noise while inside your garden building.

On the floor, we use rigid board insulation. This allows us to make sure your garden building floor has the solid feel it deserves while keeping the cold ground temperature out in the winter.


Our Insulation  

At Optimum Garden Buildings, we take our environmental impact very seriously. Our aim is to make the building as thermally insulated as possible. That way your garden building will require the least amount of energy possible to make it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If you would like extra peace of mind, we are able to offer a fully fitted, wall hung air-conditioning unit suitable for whichever sized garden office you require.


If you have any further questions, please contact us on:

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How much do our garden buildings cost?


How much do our garden buildings cost?

We have collated some common questions asked by our customers with regard to our pricing and payments. This blog should explain exactly how much our garden buildings cost and what is included in the price of each.

If you require any further information about our buildings then please do contact us at

  1. How much do our garden buildings cost?

Whether your intended use is as a garden office, art studio, garden gym or just an additional room to use occasionally our garden buildings are the perfect solution. The smallest size offered is 2.5m x 2.5m perfect for an individual to use as an office. The cost of this starts at £15,800. The only item to add to this figure is the cost of the electrical connection run from your consumer unit in the house which is dependent on your individual circumstances.

  1. What do we include within the figures listed on our website?

The short answer to this is everything necessary to make your building functional. You may like to add some of our optional upgrades. These can be selected from the list on our website and most can be added at any time up to the commencement of work on-site. Our full list of what’s included is as follows:

  • Site Survey and Quotation – Upon request, one of our surveyors will visit your home in order to advise and discuss your requirements. They will assess the siting of the building, ground conditions and access. The quotation will follow shortly afterwards.
  • Delivery and Installation – We will deliver all materials required and you will have a dedicated installation team from start to finish of the work.
  • Foundations – The site will be cleared and levelled before installation of a 150mm thick reinforced concrete base on a waterproof membrane.
  • Construction of the Building Frame – A substantial timber frame and the roof are built using 125mm by 50mm treated timber studs.
  • External Cladding – Larch wall cladding is an attractive sustainable resource with qualities including a natural density that resists decay, making it the perfect choice for your garden building.
  • Roof – A grey flexible Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) roof covering that’s manufactured in the UK gives the comfort of knowing you have an extra tough, superior roofing system keeping your garden building dry.
  • Bi-fold of Sliding Doors – You can choose either aluminium Bi-Fold or Sliding doors 2.4m wide in either grey, black or white. Other colours and sizes are available as an upgrade.
  • Windows – A choice of a vertical hinged uPVC window 500mm wide x 1000mm high or horizontal hinged uPVC window 1000mm wide x 500mm high in grey, black or white. Other colours and sizes are available as an upgrade.
  • Insulation – Rigid board floor insulation and Superior Multifoil hybrid insulation in the walls and ceiling are a winning combination.
  • Internal Wall Finish – The walls are lined internally with either a grooved smooth MDF panel or white melamine finished board. The choice is yours. Both are stable materials and so no worry of warping, splitting or cracking.
  • Electrical Installation – LED surface mounted internal panel light and switch. Two external lights and a switch. Two internal double sockets. One thermostatically controlled electric heater connected to a switched fused spur.
  • Joinery – 100mm MDF pencil round pre-primed skirting to all internal walls.
  • Removal of all waste – Upon completion of the work, we will leave the site in a level and tidy condition, clearing away all debris and waste generated by the works.
  1. What is the biggest building possible?

Our standard sizes are all listed on the website. They go up to 30m2 internally without needing full building regulations. Any bigger than that and the costs and lead times grow slightly. We find that generally, 30 square metres is plenty big enough for most.

If you did want a bigger garden building then generally planning permission would be required. Our in house designers are able to deal with the process for you but it is work consulting with your local authority first to see what the applications fees are likely to be.



If you have further questions or would like to book a free site survey and estimate do please contact us on any of the following methods:

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Can my limited company pay for my Optimum Garden Office?

There are now more and more people working from home within the UK. In fact, the office of national statistics has said there are now 4.2 million of us. For that reason, it’s no wonder many self-employed people are looking for the best ways to do so.

For some people, the issue of working from home is that you never feel you are never leaving work. However, a garden office away from the house is the perfect solution. With spring fast approaching, the option of working outside in a quiet and light space is very appealing. Without the distractions often found within the home you will be free to knuckle down and make the best use of your time.

Is it tax efficient to pay for my garden office through a limited company?

Whilst you are able to purchase your garden office through a limited company, there are lots of criteria to take into consideration, especially if you are hoping to benefit from some kind of tax relief.

As our garden offices are classed as structures, it’s normally not possible to claim tax relief on them. However, capital allowances can be obtained on items such as furniture and equipment installed into the building, such as shelves, desks and storage units.

Despite the fact electrical wiring and thermal insulation is included in the main structure of the garden building, you can claim a capital allowance on these too. Usage costs such as electricity, gas (if required) and water can be claimed as business expenses. Along with any maintenance/ repair work required to your garden building.

Can I receive VAT related benefits if my company is VAT registered?

If your limited company is VAT registered and not under the flat rate scheme then it is able to purchase the building and its contents at its full purchase price. You will then be able to claim back the VAT on the cost.

If your company is on the VAT flat rate scheme it gets more complicated. You are unable to claim back VAT on the garden office purchases unless you spend more than £2,000 on one single purchase. You are able to claim back VAT on the goods but not the services related to the garden building purchase. ‘Goods’ are the actual building itself whereas the ‘service’ is the installation of the building. You will require an itemized invoice for each of these in order to claim back the goods only.

Why are our garden buildings the Optimum place to run your business?

The first lock down in 2020 brought to the attention of the nation the importance of having a dedicated space in the home for work. If you run a small business, renting an office and having your own premises may not be necessary.

There are many advantages to having your business at home. We all know the cost of keeping our home connected isn’t getting any lower. They seem to rise from year to year. By running your business from home, you will be able to utilise the existing utilities to benefit your company, which will relieve some of the immense pressure placed on your business. You can also currently claim a tax allowance of £125 to help cover the bills.

There are a range of other substantial savings to be made by running your business from home. We have set out a few of the major ones below.:

Rental Costs: At the end of 2020 the average rental costs in the south east was between £18 and £20 per square foot per year. This means a 20m2 (215 square ft) would cost annually £3,870.

Professional Fees: Each time your lease runs out or you would like to make an adaption to the rental agreement you will generally need to instruct a solicitor to write up the legal documents. This can cost anything from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds depending on the size of the unit.

Business Rates: As you will be working from home and there is no rent according to the government, business rates do not apply. Therefore, unless you sell goods or services as an open shop from your garden building you can be safe in the knowledge your rates free!

Insurance: Basing your business from home means you don’t have a separate property that your business has to pay insurance on. Although it is likely that your personal home insurance may rise slightly it will be far less than that of a dedicated insurance policy. You can also reclaim a proportion of the costs from your company.

Service Charges: Your business could be responsible for paying towards the upkeep of communal areas around your premises. One major plus side of having an Optimum Garden Building is that your service charge is free! This means less money to your landlord and more in your pocket!

What to expect from your on-site consultation?

The first step is often the most daunting when it comes to building your garden building. With so many regulations you need to comply with for permitted development our professional team of surveyors are here to guide you every step of the way.

During the site-based consultation we will assess the following

  • Location: Depending on your location, permitted development rights can vary. It would be useful to know if you are in a conservation area, AONB or may have permitted development restrictions prior to our meeting. However, do not worry if you don’t know. We can find out for you.
  •  Access: There are various parts to the building which will require a large amount of material shifting. As a general rule if we can get a wheel barrow to the building it’s not a problem. Should we need the use of a concrete pump or disassemble and reassemble machinery to bring it through your house a surcharge will be made.
  •  Power: Whilst there the surveyor will discuss with you how you would like the armoured cable to be run (in a trench or clipped to a fence). This will have a bearing on the final cost. They will also assess the distance from your existing consumer unit to the building, is your consumer unit sufficient and safe enough to use and where is the consumer unit located in your house.
  •  Size: Our surveyor will mark out the building footprint so you can get a feel for how much space you have.
  •  Upgrades: Once we have finished in the garden and you have decided on which of our buildings you would like to have, we can discuss any alterations or upgrades you would like to add. All of your buildings come ready to use and a turn key service is provided. However, some clients like to add a bespoke feel and finishing touches. Our full upgrade list and prices are on our brochure.
  •  Dates: Finally, should you be ready to do so we can discuss provisional install dates that suit you.

Once the surveyor as completed the meeting, we will type up the finalised quotation and send it over to you for approval.

If the above all sounds of interest and you would like to book a consultation do please give us a call on 01403 586068 or email

Working From Home

2020 and 2021 have been different in so many ways. From national lockdowns, furlough schemes and so many people being asked to stay at home, having the additional space in order to remain productive has never been more important. At Optimum Garden Buildings we aim to facilitate the transition from working in the house to working in a bespoke built garden office. There are many reasons why people choose to build a garden office. We have listed some of the key factors below.

  • You will be able to relocate your computer, desk and chair. Freeing up more space for entertaining.
  • Your morning commute will be non-existent, allowing you to spend more time on the things that matter to you and saving a huge amount of money on fuel and rail fares.
  • You can close yourself away from the general noises of the house. Thereby increasing your focus.
  • Our garden buildings are not just offices. They are often used as the following:
    • Gymnasiums
    • Yoga Studio
    • Art Studio
    • Cinema Rooms
    • Mancave
    • Games Rooms
    • Pool House
    • Garden Bar
    • Summer House
    • Hobby Room

Not only that but our Duo garden building also comes with a built in storage area for mowers, bikes and other unsightly garden machinery.

Here are some figures to cement our case:

  • £135,000 is the amount the average UK employee will spend on commuting in their lifetime.
  • Commuting into London from the surrounding counties on average costs £305 per month. Meaning in your lifetime it could cost up to £197,377.
  • On average 98% of an employees work related carbon footprint is generated on their commute. Removing the need to commute will have a huge impact on saving our planet.